uCloudlink Expands Its Data Service with Leading Indonesian Smartphone Company, Advan
2020-10-10 10:53:14
S50 Prime, an all-new product of Advan is unveiled with GlocalMe® Inside service to create a new choice of mobile internet access for Indonesian consumers

▲ Advan S50 Prime

[Jakata, Indonesia] Jul 5th, 2019; Advan and uCloudlink have today hold a joint product launch in Jakata, Indonesia. In the launch, Advan has unveiled 4 flagship products with the focus in its hero smartphone, Advan S50 Prime, which is the co-op smartphone with uCloudlink. Coming with inbuilt GlocalMe® Inside Data Service, this flagship smartphone gives customers a hassle-free mobile data connection service at very competitive prices.

Tailored to the needs of Indonesian consumers, the all-new Advan S50 Prime Smartphone contains a certain amount of initial traffic for users to experience GlocalMe® Inside data service. Combining a smartphone with the convenience of mobile data connection, S50 Prime features uCloudlink’s patented technologies, which is the core of GlocalMe® Inside. It empowers Indonesian smartphone users to stay connected in more convenient, higher quality and lower cost mobile data service. Neither sign a contract nor restricted by a single data plan, users can get their data based on actual demand. In addition, this technology automatically detects and switches to the strongest network signal available. It can resolve the complex network coverage situation arising from geographical location. This smartphone creates a new choice of flexible and cost-saving mobile internet access, no matter for local mobile data or enjoying connection in over a hundred countries/regions around the world with roaming-free pricing.

“We are glad to partner with uCloudlink for this joint developed smartphone, we believe S50 Prime will advance telecommunications in Indonesia. By reaching large scale GlocalMe® Inside users while Advan can benefit from the continuous return of data traffic,” said Aria Wahyudi, GM Marketing of Advan. “And in the future, Advan will be able to develop more value-added service for these GlocalMe® inside customers. This is definitely a win-win cooperation.”

About Advan

Advan was founded in 1998 as a proud company of Indonesia. Starting from Notebooks, Tablets, PCs, Smartphones, to digital accessories. From data released by International Data Corporation (IDC) throughout 2017, Advan smartphone sales increased from the previous year. It was noted that in 2017 Advan finished 3rd with a 7.7% market share. In 2016, Advan was 4th (6.8%). In 2018, Advan stays in the Top 5. Advan believes that technology belongs to every people.


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